An organised collections of resources

An organised collections of resources

An interactive platform designed with utmost care to meet the your information needs. This platform enable the users to browse the books, modules, research, articles, reviews on books, presentations and notes on Islamic finance. See all the reviews and ratings to decide on a perfect choice of materials fulfil your enthusiasm on Islamic finance or for your personal collections.

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Emirates Airline Sukuk

Yes, this is a book about sukuk. But it is not only about understanding sukuk in an easy and contextual way. More importantly, in this book, I have proposed that Emirates Airlines is most likely the best role model for the Islamic finance industry to thrive in the 21st century.

First Principles of Islamic Economics

First Principles of Islamic Economics

Abul A'la Mawdudi laid down the foundations of modern Islamic economics. Drawing upon Islamic sources, Mawdudi spelled out a new paradigm for economic analysis and policy, wherein economic pursuits take place in the context of moral values and are directed towards the achievement of personal and social objectives.

Foundation of Shariah for Islamic Finance

Foundation of Shariah for Islamic Finance

This module introduces the participant to the foundation of Shariah for Islamic Finance. It will highlight the main differences between Islamic and conventional finance. The basis of Islamic law and methodology of Ijtihad(interpretation) as practiced within Islamic commercial law are explained. It will show how the features of Islamic finance are derived from Shariah principles to enable the development of Shariah-compliant financial products.

Guidelines for Islamic Equity Investment

Guidelines for Islamic Equity Investment

This session provides an insight to the area of the Islamic private equity market. It highlights some of the essential features of Islamic equity and some critical areas of Islamic fund management. This module will briefly explain the Shari’ah screening methodology for stocks that is applicable for public equity model. It further highlights the differences between local and international standards of stock screening criteria. This session provides a further overview of the functions of private equity compared to the public equity fund. It highlights some of the essential Shari’ah implications, requirements and structuring issues of private equity funds that have been observed in current practice.

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